15 Hilarious Tweets of the Worst Summer Jobs Ever

Students are now doing underpaying jobs over the summer, so it's time to highlight the very best (actually, worst) of them.


Now that summer’s underway, it’s important to appreciate the hard work that all our underpaid students are doing in their summer jobs… And that’s what Jimmy Fallon exactly did on his Hashtags segment, where he featured tweets about people’s #WorstSummerJobsEver. Here are 15 of the funniest ones, enjoy!

1. Pretty witty officemate:

2. When you’re despised for just doing your job:

3. Not always everyday you get to be mistaken for somebody else:

4. The customer is always right, they say:

5. They don’t understand what the store name means…

6. Because you can always turn waterfalls off…

7. When you refuse to obey the establishment…

8. Employment comes with a price:

9. Again, the customers are ALWAYS right…

10. This could be the best job ever or the worst, depending on the customer…

11. Never fun to admit that you’ve contracted sexually-related diseases:

12. This is probably the most painful-sounding out of all of them:

13. This is an eww hotel:

14. The pitfalls of having a common name:

15. Businesses need to adapt…

(H/T: buzzfeed.com)


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