Here’s Why Asians Look Younger Even In Old Age

Asians age remarkably well... How do they do it?


There’s this common perception that Asians age slower than most people, which makes them look very young compared to most races. In fact, here’s a handy dandy set of photos that will explain how this “Asian aging process” actually works:

Age 18:


Age 20-30… Nothing changes really


Age 30-50 is where it gets interesting:


See? It’s as if Asians never age from 18 onwards… Until this happens:


Then BAM! All Asian grandmothers look exactly like this:


And then there are those mythical grandmothers who must’ve found the secret to immortality:

Of course, we’re just kidding! This is not true all the time, but on average Asians really do age slower than most people.¬†

It’s a combination of a couple factors:

First, Europeans and people of European descent generally age faster than everyone else. It’s because Europeans are not used to the sun’s harmful rays and their skin handle it worse than other races. Asian countries are usually sunny, so they’ve adapted better to the sun’s rays over the years.

Second, weight has a lot to do with youthfulness. If you’re slender, there’s a better chance you’ll stay younger.¬†Asian countries are generally low in obesity.¬†Therefore people from these countries don’t age that fast! Americans, however, tend to age faster because people here are fatter in general.

To sum it up, the miraculous Asian aging process can be attributed partly to genetics, and also to body shape.

Here’s to hoping you’ll be less baffled next time you see a 20-year-old-looking 40-year-old!


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