These Photos Will Make You Weep For Humanity’s Future

Are we paying attention to what we're doing to our world?


Overpopulation, deforestation, global warming – all of these concepts and ideas don’t sound quite horrific at face value. But what do these words mean? What do their effects mean for humanity? These photos will show you the exact horrors of overpopulation and abuse of the Earth’s scarce resources:

1. This is not edited to look massive. This is an overdeveloped part of Mexico City. That city has over 20 million inhabitants.

(Pablo Lopez Luz)

2. Poaching for ivory has horrifying effects such as these: elephants left to rot in the sun.

(Kristian Schmidt)

3. A rainforest set ablaze. Look at all the goats scurrying away from their home:

(Daniel Beltra)

4. This looks pretty, but all these streaks of clouds are a direct result of high airplane traffic:

(Ian Wylie)

5. The Yellow River in Mongolia is too smelly that this man had to cover his nose:

(Lu Guang)

6. This fire at a Colorado neighborhood should demonstrate how close we are to imminent collapse:

(Denver Post)

7. What was once a lush green forest in Canada has now become an oil sand reserve:

(Garth Lentz)

8. Night time Los Angeles may look amazing, but you can only imagine how much power is being drained by the city everyday:

(Mike Hedge)

9. A thousand year-old forest, all laid to waste by illegal logging:

(Daniel Dancer)

10. The Mir Mine, the largest mine for diamonds in the world:

(Google Earth)

11. A dead albatross showing us what it’s been eating before it died:

(Chris Jordan)

12. This is not a surface of a microchip – this is the city of New Delhi:

(Google Earth)

13. A bald mountain:

(Garth Lentz)


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