10 of the Most Useless Inventions Known to Man

Capitalism emboldens innovation, they say...


Capitalism has fostered a kind of competitive, entrepreneurial environment all over the world. In order to make money, you had to make the next big thing that consumers will find useful in their day to day lives! Of course, some people were successful in their endeavor and found a market for the products they made…

Others? Hmm, not so much… Here are 10 of the most useless inventions that were done in the past decade! We don’t know how or why the inventors thought of them:

1. This Remote Control headband that was supposed to make organization and retrieval of your Remote Controls easier. Obviously it didn’t catch on:

2. This Japanese headrest for when you’re standing inside a train but want to take a nap for a bit:

3. This Pet Rock, which made the designer an overnight millionaire:

4. This flair hair visor, which is somewhat useful until you realize that it really is not:

5. Handerpants. For when you want to show people that you spend money recklessly: 

6. This specialized pizza fork comes with a slicer… Yum…

7. The Potty Golf Set… Unfortunate that we have smartphones now:

8. This barefoot shoe… For when you want to go barefoot but office decorum tells you otherwise:

9. This jacket that allows you to hide your screen for some reason:

10. This cigarette lighter that uses a magnifier (requires sunlight):(boredpanda.com)

H/T: thisblogrules.com

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