These Twins Lived Most Of Their Lives Together, And Now They Are About To Face The Most Challenging Part Alone


Once, there were twins who were born just 46 seconds apart. At their birth, they were a bundle of joy to their parents. And boy, did they look the same – they had the same skin color, the same weight, the same height. They even had the same eye color and smiled very identically smiles! When they were born, it was like the whole universe became a little bit brighter.

And so these twins grew together and never apart. From the moment they were born they became inseparable. They spent their developing years in the same environments. They ate the same food, the wore the same clothes, slept together, woke up together. They were destined to never be separated from each other.

Even when they finally went to get their education, they followed mostly the same trajectory. They took the same classes and had the same teachers. They even loved the same sport – track and field. They both had the skill to run fast over very short distances, such as in the 100-meter dash. Maybe it was their genes or something – but they were truly skilled at it!

Quickly, they became the best runners in school. They just loved running laps around each other, proving to everyone else they were better than the other or at least equally skilled. The competition was all in good fun, but their fierce passion for the sport transformed them to become incredible athletes.

When they grew older they discovered that both of them had a shot at a career in the sport that they loved. So they pursued their passion together, as always – as brothers and as twins. They encouraged each other, gave each other tips and advice, and trained almost everyday alongside each other. They ran for many, many years, participating in many amateur track and field competitions and winning almost all of them.

Finally, they both got a chance to represent their country at the Olympics, the biggest sporting event of all time. It was a proud moment for them, for they have worked their entire lives for this opportunity – to prove to the whole world that they were the best at what they did.

So they went to fly for the Olympics and competed with some of the best athletes in the world. Both of them, in outstanding fashion, bested all other competitors and won the gold for their home country.

But see, here is where things get interesting. The twins didn’t join the same competitions. One of the twins joined the regular 100-meter dash, while the other twin joined the 100-meter dash for the Paralympics, a Olympics-sanctioned event involving athletes with a range of disabilities, including impaired muscle power.

See, one of the twins grew with autism at a very young age. He didn’t grow quite properly and yet his twin brother was with him all the way. His “regular” twin didn’t stop loving him, supporting him, and treating him as his equal.

Because his twin believed in him despite of his impairment, he persevered.

There are many lessons we can get from this story: first is that life gives each human very different challenges and that we need empathy to be able to understand what everyone is going through. Second is that there’s no better kind of love than the love that a brother has for you. Third, we should never let our limitations define us. Instead we should strive to rise above our limits and surprise ourselves! We’ll never know what we’re capable of until we truly try.

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