32 Simple, Guaranteed Ways to Treat The Blues


Sometimes, the pressures and troubles of life get to us and we feel sad, alone, or maybe even depressed. Even worse, some of us won’t be able to cope with all this sadness for a long time. But the trick is in doing the small things and paying attention to the little joys in life so that slowly, day by day, you’ll get up and rise again.

Here are 32 simple activities you can conduct by yourself if you feel down and want to help yourself:

1. Get to the source. Write out your thoughts, if only for yourself to read.

2. Call your bestfriend and vent.

3. Watch cute animal videos.

4. Cook yourself a hearty meal.

5. Buy flowers for your desk.

6. Go for a dusky evening or early morning walk.

7. Listen to sad music. It works like therapy.

8. Reread a book that calmed you once before.

9. Take a nap (and don’t feel guilty about it).

10. Clean your home.

11. Take a luxurious bath.

12. Bake a cake with someone you love.

13. Plan your next vacation.

14. Watch viral proposal videos.

15. Splurge on something you’ve been eyeing.

16. Sing karaoke. Really – it works. Let yourself be goofy!

17. Make yourself go out and do something, even if it’s as simple as running an errand.

18. Take up an instrument.

19. Move around the furniture in your room. A change of scenery can be a godsend.

20. Get coffee with a very old friend.

21. Do yoga (even if you’ve never tried it before).

22. Visit a place connected with fond memories.

23. Spend a day actively being nice to everyone you encounter.

24. Try your hand at a DIY project.

25. Spend a night being as spontaneous as you can with an adventurous friend.

26. Say yes to social events, even if you don’t feel like it. (You can always end up leaving, but you might find that you don’t want to.)

27. Listen to holiday music, no matter the time of year.

28. Write a letter to someone who has been weighing on your mind.

29. Take a break from social media and see how it makes you feel.

30. See how long you can go without complaining about a single thing.

31. Start planning out your days; structure can create a sense of purpose.

32. Give yourself time to hide away, veg out, and then pick yourself back up.

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