How to Improve Time Management in 20 Steps


They say that time is the most important resource any human being has. One reason why it’s very important is it’s very vastly limited – and most people don’t even realize how valuable their time is.

Therefore, a majority of the people on Earth don’t strive to manage time wisely. They don’t have the skill set to know how do things more productively in a shorter amount of time. Are you one of those people? Well, fear not. There’s still time to change your waste and it starts right now. You have to heed these 20 simple-to-follow hacks on how to spend your time wisely, especially if you’re busy and have to accomplishment many things:

1. Stop multitasking.
2. Set deadlines.
3. Prioritize tasks, know which ones are most important.
4. Remove distractions.
5. Keep your mind fresh by doing new activities frequently.
6. Work during the time you’re most productive
7. Set reminders.
8. Turn off email alerts
9. Batch your tasks.
10. Brain dump your thoughts
11. Decline additional commitments
12. Tidy your workspace
13. Get more organized.
14. Get in a routine.
15. Manage your stress.
16. Delegate tasks when possible.
17. Break big projects into steps.
18. Only take on what you can finish.
19. Get inspired.
20. Only focus on what matters.


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