This Starbucks Customer Apologized And Gave $50 Dollars After Treating a Barista Rudely


It always pays to be kind even when faced with rudeness and unruly behavior.

This was what Andrew Richardson, a Starbucks barista, learned firsthand.

He served a customer named Debbie, who was kinda frustrated after he informed her that there were no drink carriers available and that he wouldn’t be able to take her trash she was hoping to throw away because it was illegal to do so.

Debbie seemed a bit flustered, but accepted what happened. That is why Andrew was surprised to discover the next day that she left an apology note and a $50 tip to boot!

“This was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt things I have ever read,” Andrew said. “The money was unnecessary, the card alone was the best part”.

The humbled barista said that this was one of the kindest things he’┬ás ever received. He’s simply happy to know that there are good, caring people left in this world.

We are happy for you too, Andrew!

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