This Mother’s Story Of Love For Her Child With Illness Will Stun You


A Story Of Motherly Love Unlike Any Other.
Meet Courtney and Evan Westlake, a couple who were expecting a new baby a couple of months back. They were all too excited to introduce their new baby to the world. They had already prepared for the big moment – they’ve planned out months ahead, and have stockpiled all the essentials that their baby girl would need. Unfortunately, something awful happened.

Meet Brenna, Courtney and Evan’s little bundle of joy.
Brenna was born under special circumstances. She was born surrounded by this thick, yellow film, and needed intensive care to be able to survive child birth. Courtney and Evan weren’t even able to hold their baby two weeks after she came into the Earth.

She was discovered to have inherited a disease called Harlequin ichthyosis, which basically causes the skin to grow as much as 14 times faster than normal. What’s even sadder is that it is incurable and it’s commonly fatal. Despite all this, Brenna was a wonderful addition to the Westlake household, and they did everything they can to make her live.

The couple didn’t let their daughter’s condition stop them from showing how much they love her. They resolve to go through the tough times ahead, if it meant a better life for their child. They have now made it their mission to do everything to make Brenna happy.

Brenna is now off to a great start in her unique, inspiring journey.
Here is Brenna a few months after her birth. She’s happy and all smiles! She has instantaneously become the star of the Westlake household.

Courtney is so proud of her. She couldn’t hold it in. She just takes selfies of her daughter constantly.

Initially she became very upset when people came up to her and asked questions about Brenna and how she looked. She was also particularly upset when other parents reacted very negatively towards Brenna and this showed during playtime, when other kids didn’t want to go near her. Courtney now vows to show the world that being different doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, and she’s instilling it in Brenna at a young age.

His big brother, Connor, loves her very much, though!
Connor doesn’t see Brenna as someone who is different. To him, she’s her adorable little sister who he loves to play with. You can see from these photos how he beams with pride for Brenna!

They play together…

They read together…

They even take photos together! Connor totally is in love with Brenna:

Courtney’s story of mother love is quite unique and should be emulated.
Let’s face the facts: most mothers would be embarrassed to have a child like Brenna, even though they have no reason not to. Still other mothers wouldn’t even dare share a daughter like Brenna out into the cruel world of social media. Courtney defied all stereotypes and showed just how much he loved her daughter by never acting embarrassed around her, by embracing all of her imperfections and turning them into strengths. Don’t you wish you had a mom like Brenna’s? If all moms were like Courtney, then this world would be a much better place.

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