When Two Ex-Lovers Reunite, This is What Happens


Love is already an eccentric human emotion; it’s weird and it’s sometimes selfish and self-absorbed. But what if the ones experiencing the magic of love are themselves eccentric? What if there were an eccentric couple who were so madly in love with each other? How would they express their love? You don’t have to ponder on those questions anymore, because there’s a real-life couple that we can examine.

Two artists, Marina Abramovic and Ulay, once had an intense whirlwind of a romance in the 70s, doing all kinds of eclectic art performances from their van. And as sudden as a fiery burst, their love died out too. And boy did they have the most “dramatic” breakup moment ever – they literally walked the entire Great Wall of China, meeting halfway for one last embrace! Call that cheeky or cheesy but damn, that’s a great ending to a love story if I’ve ever heard one.

That was the last time they met each other. Many years and longer distances have separated the two of them, but somehow, their destinies were always intertwined with each other.

In 2010, Marina had become a well-known performance artist. She has started an act called “The Artist Is Present” where she sat down for one minute with many strangers and shared moments of silence with them.

Guess who came around to surprise Marina in the most eccentric way possible? Watch the video to find out…

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