9 Photos Of Kids Prove That Playing In The Water Is All You Need To Be Happy


One of the nice things about being a kid is this: you rarely think about what others think of you. That’s why kids love playing around water all the time – they just don’t care! As long as they have fun, it’s all good.

Relive your childhood memories with these 9 incredible photos of kids playing, proving that all you need in life are some friends and plenty of water to toss around:

1. You don’t need a squirt gun when you know what to do with coconut leaves:


2. Kids cleaning up their bicycle


3. Don’t know if he’s trying to catch a fish but regardless, he looks kinda badass:


4. Again, you don’t need expensive toys to play around water:


5. Life can be this simple and blissful:


6. This little kid is using the banana leaf as armor against the incoming water “attacks”:


7. A kid and his grandmother having the time of their life looking for crabs:


8. You can tell that at this moment, the dog and the kid can’t ask for anything else:


9. Kids showing their skills through a rowdy and muddy game of soccer:



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