The September Photo-a-Day Challenge: Take One Unique Photo Per Day!


Want to share to the world some interesting photos of your life but fear that they’re all becoming redundant and annoying?¬†Worry no more! This September Photo-a-Day challenge will be your excuse to take one unique photo a day of a different object, person, or place that represents your life at the moment.

Just bookmark this list and visit it everyday so that you’ll know what to shoot for a particular day of the month. Enjoy!

1. Your handwriting! Make it cursive and dandy.

2. Your hands. Make sure they’re clean and well-trimmed.

3. Water. Any water will do. Maybe hit the beach?

4. A picture of you. Could be a selfie or a portrait, as long as you’re all alone.

5. Something you made. Show off your craftsmanship!

6. A favorite place. Been wanting to brag to people that you’ve been somewhere so great? This is your chance!

7. An activity you love. Biking? Walking? Dancing? Whatever it is, take a snap of it!

8. Transportation. The more unique, the better.

9. What you wore. Highlight your fashion sense with this photo.

10. Landscape. Preferably something you frequently see.

11. From a distance. Take a photo of something that’s so far away.

12. A bad habit. If you’re lazy, or you smoke a lot, or you watch too much TV, now’s the time to highlight it.

13. Clouds. Always a safe bet when taking pictures, they always look majestic.

14. Green. Anything green. Leaves are always a safe choice, but you can be more creative than that.

15. High angle.

16. Low angle.

17. Your shoes. Bonus points if you shoot it in a very unique way.

18. Something blue.

19. In your bag. What’s in your bag? Show it off in your photo!

20. Dinner tonight. What’s for dinner? Take a snap of it before you chow in!

21. Autumn. Take a photo that highlights the weather of the current season.

22. Sunset. Always a perfect subject to shoot.

23. Eyes. Preferably of someone who’s special to you.

24. A mess. Shouldn’t be hard to take a picture of…

25. Dressed up.

26. Black and white. And don’t just desaturate a photo, shoot a truly black and white image!

27. Fruit. The more unique, the better.

28. Something orange. And please don’t let it be an actual orange.

29. Something pink.

30. Close up. Zoom that lens in!


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