The Five Most Important People We Will Meet In Our Lives



Your life is transformed and molded by the people you meet, whether you realize this or not. They influence your decisions, your preferences, and your destiny. Ultimately it’s you who’s going to make your life choices, but to some degree people have an impact on your development as a human being. In fact, there are five people that you will inevitably need to meet in your life, whether you like it or not. Read on below to discover…

1. People who highlight your flaws.

These people see nothing but the worst in you. The sole reason they’re important in your life is so that you’ll be able to see through them the things you can improve on yourself, as well as realize that it’s better to not get too affected by the things that they say. You just have to accept the criticism, assess the steps you need to make to become a better person, and move on. Understand that they are an important aspect in your spiritual growth and finding your purpose in life.


2. People who highlight your beauty.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the people who see nothing but goodness and greatness in you. They believe in your fullest potential and appreciate all the achievements and the successes you’ve made. It is important to be thankful for their honest appreciation, but it’s also necessary to keep your ego in check, or else your narcissism will consume you.


3. People who show you your path.

These are our mentors, our teachers, basically the people who shed light in our quest for happiness, meaning and purpose. They’re the ones who teach us the skills that we need to survive in this life, and the ones who help us pursue whatever the burning passion we have deep inside our hearts. We should not neglect them and treat them as people who are simply in the sidelines. They inform a huge part of our perceptions of the world and how we can master it. So let us be appreciative of these people in more ways than one.


4. People who help you understand love.

We go to our jobs so that we can work and feed ourselves and the people who matter to us. But that’s not the reason we live. We live so that we can love others and share a heartfelt connection with others. This is where it’s important that we meet this fourth person. It’s the people who will help us understand love that are probably the most important of the five. Through them, you will understand what it’s like to actually have lived.


5. People who break you.

Of course, life is not just about the good times. The bad times will inevitable come for us, for all of us. And sometimes there are people who will be the bringer of such bad times. They are the people who will break you, the people who will leave you for dead after everything you’ve done for them. And at first you won’t understand why they literally tore your soul into tiny little pieces. Later, you will realize that it was necessary for you to pick yourself back up again, grow more as an individual and find joy in new beginnings.

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