10 Superstars Who Didn’t Really Do Well In School (But Succeeded, Anyway)


Superstars aren’t really known to have focused on their academics while growing up. Most of them realized early that their calling couldn’t be found in the four corners of the classroom. Here are 10 superstars who you’d think had some proper college education but actually did not:

1. Benedict Cumberbatch blew his academics after high school, discovering “girls, pot, and all sorts of other things”. Things worked out for him anyway.

2. Cameron Diaz dropped out when she was 16 years old because she was convinced she had a shot at modelling. And she did.

3. Carey Mulligan looks fairly smart but she was actually rejected from drama school.

4. Cheryl Cole was a terrible student who had a bad temper, which caused teachers to throw her out of class constantly

5. Drew Barrymore went into rehab at the age of 13, succumbing to the Hollywood lifestyle she was introduced to at 3 years old. After that she never went back to school again. Of course, we now know that things went well for her.

6. Jeremy Clarkson failed so much, not only did he get Cs, he also got Us. Two of them.

8. Loudmouthed Russell Brand, as intelligent and well-spoken as he is, was considered a “waste of space” but one of his former teachers.

9. Simon Cowell is quick to judge people (as evident in his talent shows), but maybe that’s because too many people were quick to judge him too. He barely passed any of his exams and dropped out of school at 16, gaining just an O level. In British education, that’s bad. Really bad.

10. Who would’ve guessed that one of the world’s most successful filmmakers was rejected from film school? That’s right: Steven Spielberg, creator of classics such as Jurassic Park, was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film, and Television three times.

(H/T: businessinsider.com)

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