This Story of a Jobless Man And His Banker Wife will Change Your View of Marriage

What happens if the woman was the provider of the family? This viral story explores that scenario...


It is a commonly held assumption that the man should be the provider of the household and the wife should be responsible for housekeeping and for taking care of the kids. But what if the man is homeless and jobless, while the woman has a great career going for her? This story will definitely change the way you look at marriage as an institution…

A guy who had no job got married to a banker, despite his fears and several advice that it’s not good to marry without a job. Every month the girl would give the guy her full salary of $80,000 after removing her tithes. The guy would give the wife $20,000 for personal upkeep and the guy determined what happened to the remaining money.

This happened for three good years. There was happiness in the family and the wife never refused to do her primary home duties for that 3 years, despite wrong advice from friends that “you can’t be paying the bills and still be doing all the work”.

After a few years, the man hit some good luck. There was a particular month when the guy used about $50,000 to travel from region to region for different interviews. He finally got a job with a good firm. His salary was $380,000 monthly for a start. He bought his first car (a brand new one) for 2.2 million dollars; he gave the wife the car key, and continued to take public transport to work for about three years. Then he bought a second car for four million, took the keys of the first car and gave his wife the keys of the second car. They eventually moved into their own house after a few years.

One day, the wife was looking for some documents. She stumbled on a file neatly hidden. When she opened it, she saw her wedding picture when she was very slim in the first page of the file. She then saw that the documents of everything they’ve purchased, from the cars to the house, were all written in her name! At the last page was the husband’s wedding picture and a note written by him:


Tears started to roll down her eyes. This couple got married in 1998. Last Sunday was their wedding anniversary, blessed with three children. True LOVE still exists till this day. Are you sure the love you have for your partner can be compared to this one you just read? No matter what remember you chose each other. It doesn’t matter who puts food on the table or who pays the bills. Always know, NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT.

Now, I pray that God will surely lead you to your destined life partner. Type “Amen” if you have the time! Please share.


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