The Way You Hold Your Steering Wheel Reveals A Lot About Your Personality!

Take this steering wheel personality test!


Our habits and our actions shape our character. However small and insignificant they are, as long as we repetitively do it, it will in the end inform how we behave in general.

For example, the way you hold your steering wheel may be inconsequential to you, but it actually tells a lot about who you are as a person!

So take a look at the image above, choose the image that represents how you usually hold the steering wheel, and then read the results below to know what it reveals about your personality!

1. The Minimalist

– Trying to make life as simple as possible
– You like to have few but very close friends
– You have a fine taste and don’t appreciate drama in life

2. The Funny Guy

– You’re always on the lookout for crazy ideas
– Very funny and highly sociable
– Charming and artistic, has tons of friends

3. The Peacemaker

– You seek to avoid disputes and conflicts at all times
– You know how to settle conflicts if they do arise
– You are able to gain people’s empathy and affection by listening to them

4. The Perfectionist

– You pay a lot of attention to detail
– You’re a great planner and very hands-on
– Very impeccable dresser

5. The Alarmist

– You struggle with your fears for quite a bit
– You have obsessive-compulsive tendencies
– You prefer to not take risks
– You’re highly methodical

6. The Adventurer

– You’re the guy who’ll most likely try skydiving or bungee jumping
– You have a short temper
– You’re always itching for the next great roadtrip or the next big adventure
– You strive to live life to the fullest

7. The Boss

– You are a born leader and have tons of organizational abilities
– People turn to your for advice
– You are highly confident in whatever it is that you do
– Highly competitive

8. The Reliable Guy

– You are the “handyman” of the group, able to fix household problems as well as car problems
– You are a naturally silent person and you prefer to listen
– You are content with life and people admire you for your calm and collected nature

9. The Tough Guy

– You are not fazed by anything, and people think you can take on anyone in a fight
– You are highly confident and don’t easily give up
– You are the life of the party and people turn to you to have a good time

10. The Tank

– You are a busybee and you don’t have time to deal with unimportant things
– People know you’re all about getting things done
– You drive fast to get to the next meeting or the next task


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