This Viral Story About A Woman Meeting A Snake Teaches An Important Lesson

Some people are like snakes... Know how to find one!


How do you know which people to value in your life? Sometimes, we never know if someone is really trustworthy or just feeding us with lies and deception…

Well, Chelsea Norris learned her lesson through this inspiring viral story of her unlikely encounter with a snake… Read the entire story below!

Today while walking, I happened upon a snake. As I bent over to take a closer look, I noticed the end of his tail had been crushed and it was difficult for him to move. He seemed calm and let me get just inches away from him.

As I reached down to help him across the sidewalk I clearly heard the voice of one of my favorite teachers say, “Don’t pick him up. He’s still a snake.” No sooner than I drew back my hand and stood up. He leaped to bite me.

Moral of the story:

Watch out for the snakes in your life.

They feed on your kindness and mercy. But, they will strike at the first opportunity.

Once someone shows you who they are and where they stand, believe them. There is no need to continually offer your helping hand only to be bitten and hurt.

Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t help everyone. 




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