How to Reduce Your Smartphone Addiction in 7 Days


It’s true – smartphone addiction is becoming a real thing! People are getting glued to their phones and can’t seem to get their eyes off them. Some people even hear phantom “dings” when there’s none and they rush to open their phones when a notification comes on! On worst cases, people can’t stop scrolling through their feeds the whole day. In essence, it has replaced our real lives with virtual ones.

If you think you’re one of these people who have a real smartphone-related problem, then you need this 7-day program below to “detoxify” or “cleanse” yourself. Follow these simple instructions religiously and you’ll get out of your addiction in no time:


Unfollow and unfriend people whom you don’t know in real life. Unsubscribe to email lists that don’t interest you. Delete apps you don’t use.


Turn off push notifications, especially from apps that take a lot of your time (Facebook, Instagram).


Resist the urge to look at your phone first thing in the morning, or when you’re not doing anything. Try to be in the moment.


Set up a charging station outside of your bedroom so that you won’t look at your phone when you go to bed.


Go out to dinner or hang out with friends, BUT leave your phone at home.


Spend the day not look at or posting to social media.


Turn off your smartphone the entire day!


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