People Are Sharing Their Most Mind-Blowing Shower Thoughts

Have you ever had a Eureka moment in the shower? Well these people have, and the rest of the world agrees with their thoughts...


If you’ve browsed on Reddit (and understood how Reddit actually works), you’ve probably stumbled upon the sub-reddit r/showerthoughts. It’s a community of people sharing their moments of enlightenment and perspective, presumably while taking a shower. And some of these thoughts are truly mind-blowing, that it’s a travesty no one has ever thought of these particular things in the past. Think Jaden Smith musings, but more intelligent and more in-depth.

Well, we’ve taken the time to compile the all-time highest-rated Shower Thoughts on the sub-reddit. And mind you, they’re really terribly good and will change the way you look at certain things forever. So, are you ready for some Shower Thoughts? Read on…

1. Tinder is the opposite of porn site advertisements. There actually are a ton of hot singles in my area, but none of them are interested in me.

2. I’m not a millennial, but if I was I’d be damn tired of another article every other day with a new theory about who millennials are and what they want.

3. When medication says “do not operate heavy machinery” they’re probably mainly referring to cars, but my mind always goes to forklift.

4. I wish you could just record silence and then play it on loudspeakers on full blast to make the whole room quiet.

5. There shouldn’t be a stigma about going to the movies alone. The activity where you can’t talk to someone should be the one you can do alone.

6. My parents taught me to be kind and humble, honest and hardworking, and to save an unnecessary ton of plastic bags under the sink.

7. As a loyal customer, I feel really ripped off when companies have a promotion for new customers but offer nothing for customers who have been with them for years.

8. A guy can decline an invitation by saying his girlfriend won’t let him go and everyone will likely understand. But if a girl declines an invitation by saying her boyfriend won’t let her go, people will likely get concerned.

9. Airports should have small movie theaters for layovers. They would make a killing.

10. If Apple manufactured clothing they’d probably have all the belt loops on their jeans a different size than normal, so you’d also have to buy an Apple Belt.

11. If I see Google in a show/movie I think nothing of it, but if I see Bing, I know it’s product placement.

12. As a graphic designer, my entire career exists because I was able to pirate Photoshop 10 years ago.

13. Honey is totally underrated. Its the only natural food that’s made without destroying any kind of life. It’s also the only food that won’t rot.

14. Fitbits are just like Tamagotchis, except the stupid little creature you have to keep alive is yourself.

15. I wish I were as fat as the first time I thought I was fat.

16. Bill Gates is like a video game character who’s unlocked everything. All he can do now is self-imposed challenges like cure malaria to keep things interesting.




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