At The Age Of 6 And 13 She Was Molested. She’s A Victim, But Now She’s A Conqueror.


Sometimes looks just don’t tell the entire story.

This video, which has now been viewed 4,300,000 times on Facebook, shows Leah Rogers, a former sex trafficking victim who has miraculously turned her life around. She recalls being abused and molested at a very young age by various people in her life, until she found herself being trapped in an endless cycle of brutality, violence, and sex.

Leah proceeds to tell us how she got out of her own personal hell and out of prison after being abused by her partner (who turned out to be a pimp). Today, almost a full year after her outstanding escape, she has started her own non-profit called Help Her Stand, an organization dedicated to making sure that former sex trafficking victims don’t relapse to their old lifestyle and giving them a shot at a better, brighter future.

Leah Rogers has since released her own book called “Game Over“, which narrates her sex trafficking story in full. The video that you’re about to see below is more or less a summary of the events that occurred in her life, including her painful childhood experiences that has pushed her to the limit.

A lot of online commenters have praised Leah for sharing her struggle and her blessings. Facebook user Clinton says “Amen! I am proud of you for believing in God and believing in yourself, that you never stopped fighting. God heals and he saves you! You’re an inspiration and would make a great impact in other young women’s lives. I am proud of you. I apologize for every man that hurt you. You’re the definition of a strong black woman!”

Leah’s story reminds us that looks don’t really tell the entire story. We must get to know the person behind the face so that we can appreciate the pains and the struggles that the person is going through.

Why you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover..MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!By Leah Rogers

Posted by I Discover Stars Live on Monday, May 23, 2016

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