How to Save More Money: Cutting Down on 10 Areas

Woman with coins in jar

Let’s cut to the chase: life is hard. Especially because it’s hard to earn a living and get the things that make life enjoyable and pleasurable. And obviously the secret to making it less hard is to live frugally and to save, to cut corners wherever possible. But how can one possibly do this, given that most jobs don’t pay a lot, and expenses are indeed expensive? Here are some frugality tips you can follow:

1. Cut the cable cord!

The internet is where it’s at now. You can watch shows online, for free, if you’re lucky.

2. Cancel your gym membership.

Most people who try out the gym don’t really go to the gym that often. And there’s nothing you can do inside a gym that you can’t do outside of it.

3. Prepare your own meals and eat out less!

Prepared meals are much cheaper and you’ll also be eating healthier.

4. Use cash envelopes.

This way you know where the money is going by physically organizing them.

5. Become a one-car family!

More often than not you’ll only need one car in your travels.

6. Learn to do things yourself.

Want to fix the sink? Don’t get a plumber, learn how to fix it yourself!

7. Shop at the dollar store…

…especially for cleaning supplies and general items that you need around the house. Not everything needs to be branded.

8. Run major appliances at off-peak times.

It’s more expensive to let appliances run during peak hours.

9. Buy used or second-hand as much as possible.

Most things work fine even if someone’s already used them.

10. Negotiate every single utility bill.

There’s no way you have to spend every dime of yours on electric water, and Internet.

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