15 Times Restaurants Have Taken Things Way Too Far With Food

Restaurants are stepping up their game...


Due to steep competition, restaurants have stepped up their game, especially in the presentation side of things. Entrees are delivered in unique styles, using unusual plating and also decorated in the most outlandish ways possible.

Some restaurants, however, have taken things way too far… Here are 15 examples of that:

1. Afternoon tea in a literal bookcase:


2. There’s liquid in there somewhere, I can sense it….


3. Who would dare compete with its claim of being the world’s best scotch egg?!


4. I think this concoction has everything… Lime, inverted wine glasses, onions…


5. Literally the best Bloody Mary in the entire world:


6. Did Lady Gaga inspire this?


7. A Ferris wheel of food. Enough said.


8. Eat a shovel.


9. We paid for 99% the chair, 1% the actual food:


10. I don’t know why that horse head is there, but for some reason it makes sense:


11. This magnanimous burger tower is yours for free if you can eat it in its entirety under 20 minutes, ALONE:


12. How do you serve olives? Under a miniature olive tree, of course:


13. In case you’re not realizing it, that’s a cup of coffee in a carrot… A carrot-cino if you will…


14. Stairway to heaven…


15. There’s food in here somewhere:




H/T: boredpanda.com


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