5 Physical Traits That Are Pretty Rare In Humans


Most average-looking¬†humans come with a perfectly normal body with normal parts.¬†Most of us luckily were born with a regular-sized head, a chest, two legs, a pair of arms, hands and two feet. Every once in a while, however, the evolutionary aspect of nature reveals itself in the form of unique traits. They’re not necessarily mutations, just very, very rare human traits that manifest after billions of possible permutations of humans.

You’ll definitely find some of these interesting. Maybe you have any of these traits, too! Check them out below…

1. The vestigial tail, a remnant of our genetic ancestry…

2. It is estimated that only 2% of the entire world population have green eyes.

3. Ear holes are now considered a tiny and inconsequential birth defect, but it’s thought to be a genetic continuation of fish gills.

4. Did you know that being a redhead (or a ginger, so to speak) is surprisingly rare? Only 2% of the entire world has natural red hair.

5. If you know someone who is able to freely wiggle their ears, then they should feel blessed to be so unique. Only 10% of the population can actually do that!

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