15 Photos Proving Raising Kids Is Not Easy, But Fun


Of course raising kids is a real treat. You relive your earlier years all over again through them, and you get to have a good time with them. Plus it’s always a joy to see your son/daughter happy. But sometimes it can get hard, like these photos will demonstrate:

1. When you have too much money, your kid can just do stuff with it:

2. This is probably very dangerous, cats do have rabies:

3. Heyyy!! Powder party!!!

4. Looks we have an abstract expressionist in the house:

5. Maybe he was trying to say: change my nappy! Revenge!

6. The funny thing is this is not their first mess… Look at the wall

7. Powder party part 2!

8. Is he drinking the aquarium water through the tube?

9. Quite a pain to piece this all back together…

10. Our TV is now crystal-clear dad!

11. At least she now has all the time in the world to wash the paint off:

12. This is why kids shouldn’t be left unsupervised:

13. Ok. Tell me it’s chocolate:

14. Is he framing his lil sis? Hope not:

15. How long was this kid alone:

(H/T: facebook.com/parenting.official)


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