9 Facts That Will Make You Question Reality


They say that the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. And for these next set of mind-blowing facts, that may very well be true:

1. England’s Oxford University is older than the Aztec empire! Oxford started way back in 1096, and the Aztec empire began in 1100. It’s also older than the printing press and many other things.


2. Former President Barack Obama has more Grammy wins than Katy Perry. It’s true! Obama has won 2 Grammys for Spoken Word albums while Katy has gotten a lot of nominations but no wins.


3. Our generation is actually closer to Cleopatra’s era than Cleopatra is to the time when the Great Pyramids were built. Cleopatra was born 2500 years after the Great Pyramid.


4. Your body is composed of an entirely different set of molecules and atoms compared to your body a year ago.


5. There are more atoms in a single glass of water than there are glasses of water in every ocean on Earth.


6. You studying atomic particles is just a bunch of atomic particles trying to understand itself. MIND. BLOWN.


7. For a couple of seconds, you were the youngest person to live on the planet.


8. The person who is closest your left is actually just the person farthest from your right.


9. We would have to pay at least $182,000 for a jar of honey if we paid all the bees a minimum wage.



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