7 Signs To Know If Someone Is A Psychopath

How do you know if someone is a psychopath? Read below to know the signs....


Psychopaths are people whose main purpose is to ruin the lives of others for their own benefit. They don’t really recognize the ramifications of their actions and will just get away with anything through sheer manipulation, narcissism, and cunning. And while they’re intelligent and charming, they’re really not the kind of persons you want to be friends with. So how do you figure out if someone is a psychopath or not? Here are some of the tell-tale signs:

1. They don’t feel guilty.
When we commit mistakes, or when we wrong someone there’s usually a pang of guilt that comes along with it, and it will nag on your conscience. Psychopaths aren’t able to feel any of that.
2. They cannot empathize with you.
This is in connection with the first point. The feeling of guilt usually comes through empathy – being able to imagine what it’s like to be on the other person’s shoes. Psychopaths are unable to understand your feelings and your motivations, that’s why it’s easy for them.
3. Instead, they try to make the other party feel guilty!
Psychopaths are clever people so they deflect their own faults and their own imperfections towards others, through careful manipulation of words. Before you know it, you’ll feel as if you were the one responsible for the problem and you will feel the immensity of the guilt yourself!
4. They only value themselves.
They will try to make you feel as if you matter but the reality is they’re doing it for their selfish goals and desires. If they have to fake their actions just to get you to do things that will benefit them, they’ll do it.
5. They think they are better than everyone else.
Psychopaths are complete narcissists. They think that they deserve everything great coming their way because they’re supposed to be better and superior to everyone else.
6. They are liars.
A psychopath is nothing but a compulsive liar. Sometimes they aren’t even aware of it. They’re so good at lying that sometimes they can convince themselves that what they’re saying is true.
7. They have appealing personalities.
A psychopath’s redeeming quality is that they are admirable on the onset, appealing, even. They appear to be friendly and charming and sweet, but they use that same “charm” to lure their victims in.

H/T: educateinspirechange.org


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