14 Proposal Moments That Are Absolutely Adorable!


Proposals have become so high stakes now more than ever. In the past you can just pop the question and not do anything fancy, maybe do it over a nice romantic dinner with some ambient lights and music… And it was very private too, in a way. People didn’t really have to share that private moment in the past.

Nowadays people are going over the top with their proposals! It’s become a race to making the best ever proposal in the best ever scene with the top-of-the-line camera shots and drone shots. It’s becoming like a fierce competition among lovers.

And we’re not saying that the over-the-top proposals a negative thing; in fact we absolutely love them! These proposal photos and videos depict pure bliss in a moment that happens only once in their lifetime for most people.

We love these proposal moments so much that we’ve decided to compile the very best proposal reactions that have been uploaded online!














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