Watch What Happens After This Pikachu Deflated Mid-Performance


Want to know the weirdest news this week? It’s this strange story about a deflating Pikachu and how it was forcibly removed from the strange by security in South Korea. It’s pretty dang hilarious too!

Basically there was a Pokemon exposition in South Korea and in the middle of the program, a bunch of jolly Pikachu dancers performed. This particular Pikachu was dancing its damn hardest, moving its tushy back and forth and leading the pack of Pikachu. All of a sudden the Pikachu’s costume deflated out of nowhere.

This in itself was not really newsworthy, but what happened next was the strangest thing: Members from the event’s security detail just forcibly dragged this Pikachu off, and in the most awkward way too! Watch the video to see it for yourself:

Of course the Internet found it adorable and hilarious at the same time, and provided some biting commentary around it. Here are some of the best reactions, compiled by AJ+:

Deflated Pikachu Rushed Offstage

This Pikachu was happily dancing. Then it started to deflate. So a bunch of men mercilessly dragged it off stage. 💔

Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, May 7, 2017

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