If You Can Find The Differences In These Photos In Under 5 Minutes, You’re A Genius

What are the 4 differences between the two similar images?


Here’s something you can try to pass your time: take a timer, make it countdown from 5 minutes. After that, try identifying the subtle differences between the two nearly identical photos shown below! Most of them have four differences each. If you can solve all 10 before the timer runs out, then you’re definitely a genius!

Are you ready? Get set…. Go!

1. Can you figure out the 4 differences between these two images?

2. There are also 4 differences in this set of photos… Find them in the field of flowers:

3. This one could be a bit tricky… Find the four differences!

4. Find the 3 differences for this one! Should be fairly easy…

5. How about the 4 differences between these two?

6. You have to squint a bit to find the 4 differences here…

7. How is the first yacht different from the second?

8. This one will definitely determine if you’re observant or not… Find the 4 errors!

9. The details on the fruits will make this one hella confusing.. Find the four differences between the two!

10. Find the four differences between the two Hindi-themed cartoons below!

Here are the answers below! Check if you got them right under 5 minutes. If you did, then you definitely can claim to be a genius!

H/T: youtube.com

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