These People Show Us How To Pass Time On a Train


Do you ever just get bored in long train rides? I know a lot of people do — there are a lot of sleeping people on trains. And you know what sleeping people represent: a perfect opportunity to make fun of them through art! These guys just draw the most hilarious cartoon characters and placed them on top of train passengers’ heads for comic effect:

1. I’ve never seen Mickey Mouse this angry:

2. While I always see Kermit the frog this happy:

3. Wonder what happened to Hellboy after saving the world:

4. E.T., this is not the proper means of transportation to reach your home planet:

6. Even in this train Wile E. Coyote still plots of ways to chase the Road Runner:

7. Mr. Pringles got tired of being inside cans:

8. The Incredible Hulk is incredibly calm inside this train:

9. Aha! There’s Waldo!

10. His Spider senses are tingling…

11. Daffy Duck’s never been a fan of trains…

12. This is Winnie the Pooh, taking the train in the morning, disgruntled and groggy:

13. Not even a rich superhero like Batman can escape the necessity of train transportation:

14. The Ewoks need to go to their forest moon, fast:


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