14 Hilarious Compare-and-Contrast Photos Of Mom And Dad Parenting Styles


Dads and moms all over the world have different ideas on how to raise children. Dads show affection by providing food on the table and by letting kids do what they want. Moms are more strict and are more attentive to their children’s needs.

The following hilarious photos prove just how different parenting styles are and yet they’re all geared towards the same goal of raising a child properly:

1. Asking permission:

2. Preparing meals:

3. Taking care of the baby:

4. Meeting the boyfriend:

5. Grocery shopping:

6. Play time:

7. Dressing up for Halloween:

8. Riding at a theme park:

9. Going to the zoo:

10. Strolling around with the baby:

11. Feeding your kid:

12. Playing on the ground:

13. Leisure time:

14. Learning how to ride a bike:

(H/T: dumpaday.com)

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