15 Parent-Child Matching Shirts That You’ll Want To Have Too!

Want to show to the world how much you love your kid? Try getting some matching shirts!


Couple shirts or pair shirts are now a very common fad. It’s when two people wear matching shirts, usually with a hilarious graphic or an insightful piece of text, that indicate the kind of relationship the two have with each other.

This usually works with boyfriends and girlfriends, but now fathers and sons, mothers and daughters are also getting in on the action. And some of these matching shirts are utterly hilarious! Check some of them below:

1. Parts of a pizza:


2. The OG and the remake:


3. Shows their relationship inside the household quite nicely:


4. Perfect for nerdy dads out there:


5. Oh yes he is her sunshine indeed:


6. ‘Smalls’ must be very hilarious:


7. Not really sold as a pair, but still makes perfect sense:


8. Nice matching outfits, on top of the clever text:


9. A tree grows from a simple seed:


10. For Game of Thrones fans out there:


11. Gamer dads, here’s one for you:


12. Her daughter is prepared to be an obedient one:


13. Where’s Mama Bear though?


14. The look on that boy’s face tells a lot…


15. Oh yeah you are!


H/T: boredpanda.com


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