18 Stunning Colored Photos Taken 100 Years Ago Show How Much Has Changed

Ever wondered what the world looked like 100 years ago, in full color? Here you go.


Photographs are our relatively new markers of the past – it’s through these carefully crafted shots that we can at least have a glimpse of what the past looked like. What did people wear? How did people act? What did people value? These things can be gleamed in photographs. In essence, photos are exhibitions of collective human history.

The photos below, for instance, are stunning – not only because they are colored and are over a hundred years old, but also because they show how much has changed in the world in such a span of time. From clothing, to fashion, to landscapes – nothing has really stayed the same. Enjoy these remarkable photographs as you get taken back to the time of the First World War, the time of the rise of the automobile: a simpler time, where there were significantly less people and the world was not as sophisticated as it is today…

If ever you wondered how the world looked like 100 years ago, here’s your answer:

(H/T: buzzfeed.com)

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