The 12 Most Obvious Signs Of All Time


Do you ever look at a sign and think to yourself, “Did the maker of this sign assume that we’re the dumbest people on Earth?” Well, you don’t have to wonder about that any longer. Because below are 12 very obvious signs that are so needless that you’d wonder who would’ve any genuine use for it…

1. These directions lead us to different… paths

2. Oh wow I really didn’t notice that the sidewalk ended right here thanks for the heads up dude

3. Yes thanks for informing me that the product is made up of ingredients, this is such valuable information, thank you sir

4. Oh yes I would’ve been shocked to see that it gets wet when raining if you didn’t put up that sign

5. Well how was I supposed to enter in the first place

6. I’m 99% sure no one will try sitting these pointed devils but thanks

7. …and water is wet

8. Thanks for pointing us where we can enter the sea exactly, sir

9. Yes and it will not close until closing time:

10. Oh well it wasn’t obvious to me that there were peanuts in these products

11. …and obvious signs are obvious!

12. As opposed to Mars?



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