12 Warning Signs That He’s Not That Into You

Guys stay in relationships for different reasons. Find out if he's in it for the long haul!


Guys stay in relationships for multiple reasons: most of the time it’s because he truly loves you. But other times they just stay because it’s convenient or maybe because they want something that you have.

Either way they’re not really fully committed in the relationship and may only think of you as a temporary love. So how do you know that your guy is not in love? Here are 12 classic flags:

1. He never or rarely opens up emotionally


2. He only gets intimate or close with you when he wants some “action”:


3. He keeps in touch with his ex(es). Or just talks to a lot of other girls…


4. You sometimes feel like a stranger around him and he doesn’t let you in on his favorite things:


5. He knows you on a very superficial level and tends to forget very important stuff about you:


6. He doesn’t try to resolve an argument peacefully and instead just chooses to walk away:


7. He doesn’t seem to care where the relationship is going and don’t have any plans for the two of you in general:


8. He never seems concerned about you and just talks about himself all the time:


9. He spends more time with other people than you:


10. He never seems to be fully invested in the activities that you do partake together:


11. You have never met his family. That’s a huge red flag that he’s not committed to you.


12. Your intuition tells you so. Listen to your gut, girl!


H/T: relationsgoals.com


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