The Shape Of Your Nose Reveals Something About Your Skills!


The science is in: the shape of your nose can be indicative of the skills you possess! That’s right. Whether you’re a leader or a follower can actually be seen from just how your nose hangs over your face. Whether it’s straight, wide, or crooked, your personality is shaped by how your nose is shaped. Don’t believe us? We ask you to examine your nose in front of a mirror and determine which it resembles the most from 1 through 5. After you’ve determined the closest resemblance, head on to the results below to figure out what that says about your skill set:

1. Straight nose

– Possesses incredible functional, management and organization skills
– Great in crisis management and resolution

2. Wide nose

– Has huge leadership potential
– A strong personality that commands a dominating presence
– Decidedly assertive and not calm at all

3. Fleshy nose

– Has quick decision-making skills
– Can also respond much faster when presented with unusual situations
– Very clever and has a trustworthy instinct

4. Snub nose

– Has the capacity and the tenacity to experiment and innovate
– A visionary who can easily explain to people the goals and objectives
– Very optimistic, positive and kind
– Inspiring and encouraging

5. Curved nose

– Thinks outside the box and has a certain disregard for the rules
– Can be a bit rebellious, but always for the betterment of the team
– Finds ways of doing things faster and more efficient
– Has great attention to detail

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