In Honor of Mothers Around the World


This Mother’s Day, let’s take a second to really think about what our mothers mean to us. 

And by that, I don’t mean to give it a passing thought. Really think it through; let it soak for a little while. We know that we all love our mothers and that we’re all grateful for giving us the gift of life, but those are very “generalized” and “simplistic” statements about our love for our mothers.

Really think about the little, amazing gifts that our mothers have given us. Firstly they decided, with pure conviction, that they were going to have us, no matter what. That alone makes our mothers the greatest people in our lives. It takes courage, it takes guts, it takes a part of you to commit to raising a child out into the world. And they did that with grace and mercy and selflessness. For that we must forever be grateful to them.

After that courageous first step, they soldier on, for nine months, to nourish and feed us inside the womb, to take care that no harm will ever befall us even before we become actual human beings. They drink the right drinks, eat the right food, and do the right stuff, always with our well-being in mind. They read literature regarding childbirth and child-rearing, preparing themselves to become the best mothers that they could possibly be! And that’s even before they actually have us!

And then comes our actual birthing, the day of reckoning. Despite the obvious risk not only to their health but also to their lives, our mothers pushed through, quite literally, just so we can live. Just so they’ll have a glimpse of our tiny faces that they’ve been waiting to see their entire lives.

Lastly, we cannot forget what happens after that – for the rest of their lives they will do everything in their power to help us grow, to nurture us, to protect us, and to guide us to do the right things. Our mothers will even sacrifice their own happiness and dreams just so we can have the means to achieve ours. What more can we ask from them? Nothing! Our mothers literally gave us everything, that we can only wish to give them back a portion of their immense love on this special day.

Don’t forget to tell your mother that you love her, not just on Mother’s Day.

Honoring Mothers 2017

In honor of mothers around the world, Birth Becomes Her compiled these authentic and powerful moments of women meeting their babies for the very first time. No matter where you give birth or how you welcome your baby into your life, your story is beautiful. Tag a mother or a woman you love. We're all in this together. To see a whole collection of Mom Meeting Baby Images visit

Posted by Birth Becomes Her on Thursday, May 11, 2017

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