Mother Teresa’s Humility List Will Truly Make You Humble


Mother Teresa was a modern-day heroine who inspired many people to help society in selfless, unassuming ways. Her mantra was obedience to God and perfect humility in everything we do. She was unapologetically humble that she has inspired a “humility list” that people should follow if they want to live a modest life in this society that values self-aggrandization to the hilt.

This famous list consisted of 15 suggestions that will definitely confuse people who are so used to advertising themselves and insisting their self-importance. Read below and see if you agree:

1. Speak as little as possible about yourself.

2. Keep busy with your own affairs and not those of others.

3. Avoid curiosity.

4. Do not interfere in the affairs of others.

5. Accept small irritations with good humor.

6. Do not dwell on the faults of others.

7. Accept censures even if unmerited.

8. Give in to the will of others.

9. Accept insults and injuries.

10. Accept contempt, being forgotten and disregarded.

11. Be courteous and delicate even when provoked by someone.

12. Do not seek to be admired and loved.

13. Do not protect yourself behind your own dignity.

14. Give in, in discussions, even when you are right.

15. Choose always the most difficult task.


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