This Employee Asked To Take A Sick Day For Her Mental Health. Her Boss’ Reply Will Amaze You

Do you have a workplace as cool as this one?!


Are you ready to hear something cool today? Mental health. That’s something that’s taken for granted everywhere, especially in the workplace. People think that it’s being “lazy” or you’re too “coddled” if you want to take a break from work to clear your mind off stuff.


But that’s a stigma that Madalyn Parker broke in this recent viral tweet about an email she sent to her co-workers. Madalyn felt like she needed to take two sick days to take care of her mental health. You would think that her boss or employer would respond negatively, but he actually “reaffirmed” her decision in his wonderful response:


The tweet has since gone viral, with over 42,600 likes and 15,000 retweets. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and celebratory, with some people getting jealous that they didn’t have that kind of treatment in their own company:


Some people were confused as to how this was any different from vacation leave.


Madalyn had a handy response:


In any case, cheers to Madalyn and her boss for breaking the stigma that mental health is something that should be brushed aside. We should seriously take care that our mind is not overworked and that we are not mentally overstressed.


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