This Woman Was Starving At A McDonald’s, When A Bystander Did Something Remarkable


Sometimes the world needs more kind strangers to help each other, not bring each other down.

This story is a great example of anonymous strangers helping others who are in need. This Facebook post, which has become immensely viral, recalls the story of a mother, her son and a stranger. The mother didn’t have enough money for meals for both herself and her son so she chose to buy her son the happy meal, choosing not to order food for herself. A stranger saw this and something tugged in her heartstrings, so she did something absolutely heartwarming.

The entire story is chronicled below and shows us how the kindness of strangers goes a long way. It also reminds us that single parents are some of the most hardworking parents in the world, and that they’d do anything to make their children happy and satisfied.

To all hardworking parents out there, keep on moving on! You will make it to the finish line victorious! This Facebook post is proof of that:


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