8 Most Memorable Graduation Speech Lines of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, recently was invited to speak in front of the Harvard University Class of 2017. A former Harvard student himself, he inspired the fresh graduates of the esteemed university to go beyond finding purpose, among other things. Here are 8 of the most memorable lines in his commencement address about purpose and hope:


  1. I’m here to tell you finding your purpose isn’t enough. The challenge for our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose.
  2.  Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.
  3. There are three ways to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose: by taking on big meaningful projects together, by redefining equality so everyone has the freedom to pursue purpose, and by building community across the world.
  4.  But let me tell you a secret: No one does when they begin. Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.
  5. It’s good to be idealistic. But be prepared to be misunderstood. Anyone working on a big vision will get called crazy, even if you end up right.
  6. J.K. Rowling got rejected 12 times before publishing “Harry Potter.” Even Beyonce had to make hundreds of songs to get “Halo.” The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.
  7. We can all make time to give someone a hand. Let’s give everyone the freedom to pursue their purpose — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because when more people can turn their dreams into something great, we’re all better for it.
  8. I hope you find the courage to make your life a blessing.

(H/T: abcnews.go.com)

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