12 Regular People Who Look Like Carbon Copies Of Superstars


You’ve probably been praised or teased based on having a striking resemblance with a particularly popular artist or superstar. Maybe you’ve got the cheeks of Brad Pitt or the Andrew Garfield’s eyes, or maybe Kendall Jenner’s nose ridge! Or maybe you look closely like someone who’s become famous for things other than face. Whatever it is, I’m sure people have made passing remarks about your physical appearance being familiar.

These people mentioned below, however, don’t just bear passing resemblance to their favorite artists: they look almost like carbon copies of them! Don’t believe me? See them for yourself in this list!

1. Instagrammer Chelsea Marr looks like Angelina Jolie.


2. Olivia Sturgiss, a perfect shoo-in for Taylor Swift!


3. Although Morgan Jensen, another Taylor Swift lookalike, would definitely like to have a word…

4. Who wouldn’t want to be confused with Kylie Jenner? Definitely not Gabrielle Waters


5. 3-year-old Sienna Maunsell rockin’ it as a doppelganger to David Beckham’s daughter, Harper


6. Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa claims that she was Kim K’s inspiration for her platinum look:


7. Robert McKinnon always recalls some amazing experience because of being mistaken for Ryan Gosling:


8. Claudia Alende is possibly related to Megan Fox


9. If Leonardo di Caprio took a time travel machine and traveled to 2017, then this is how he’d look like. Of course that’s not true, this is just Leo’s lookalike Konrad Annerud:


10. This Lionel Messi lookalike has made rounds on the Internet:



11. Not really the closest similarities but he also got the same demeanor and boyish charm as Ed Sheeran:


12. Lord Tyrion of House Lannister has explored the modern world…


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