10 Little Things Women Do That Guys Absolutely Fall For

Relationships succeed because of the little things that count...


Do you want to make sure that your guy, boyfriend or lover, stays with you forever? They key is in the little things, like the way you talk to him, or the way you react to the things he does… Here are the top 10 things women do that guys go crazy for!

1. He loves cuddling with you all the time! So invite him over to just do so!


2. He loves the way you smile after a romantic kiss 🙂


3. He loves it when he catches you looking at him!


4. He loves it when you mirror each other’s movements, it means you’re paying attention to his every move 🙂


5. He loves it when you’re being honest with him about everything:


6. He loves it when you consistently laugh at his jokes!


7. He loves it when you play with your hair!


8. He loves it when you show how much you miss him:


9. He loves it when you get physical with him! Random hugging and petting? Guys fall for that!


10. He loves it when you consistently compliment him:


H/T: ideaspots.com

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