12 Things Left-Handed People Deal With Constantly

Have you ever had to deal with these situations, being left-handed?


It’s a right-handed man’s world… Almost all things invented in society were designed with right-handed people in mind. And most people don’t realize it – except left-handed people, who have to feel the brunt of this unfairness. Below are some examples of things left-handed people have to contend with!

1. Watches are incredibly hard to wear because they are designed mostly for righties..


2. Cupholders in cars don’t make any sense, too…


3. Forget note-taking when you choose spiral-bound notebooks…


4. Highlighting becomes a minor inconvenience:


5. We will be eating from a can? I’d rather starve, thanks:


6. Scissors? Nope:


7. Lefty baseball gloves are almost impossible to find:


8. Zippers really become an annoyance:


9. All the important keys to this controller are on the right side, so… Screw it


10. We wear belts differently from most people:


11. This armchair is the bane of your existence:


12. Playing card games? No, thank you:


H/T: buzzfeed.com


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