Devoted Husband and Wife Die Within Hours of Each Other, Holding Hands


For a lot of us, “‘Til Death Do Us Part” is just an expression that really doesn’t come to fruition, because a whole lot of us get divorced before then. But this elderly couple held on to their promise – quite literally.

Meet Floyd and Violet Hartwig, a couple who have lived together for 67 years.(

Here is a photo of them during their younger years! Don’t they look beautiful?(

Recently their story spread all across the Internet because of this picture. What happened basically was Floyd passed away because of certain complications of illness. In his deathbed, his wife, Violet, held her hand. Five hours later, Violet passed away too, and she held his hands until her last breath.  (

They literally held on to their marriage ’til death parted them. They died happily married, as they lived.(

“They never ever asked for anything. All they ever wanted was their family, and it was amazing that they got that in the end.” Donna, one of their daughters, recalled.

Would you like to have a love story as steadfast and as enduring as Violet’s and Floyd’s? 

Watch the rest of this video to know more about their enchanting love story:

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