8 Superstars Who Struggled A Lot Before They Finally Made It

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Achieving great fame and success is hard – there’s no denying that. Everybody wants to be a superstar, and no one wants to help. It’s especially harder when you come from a poor background with little to no connections whatsoever, propelled only by the passion in their craft and their desire to elevate their lifestyle. Here are 8 superstars who finally made it amidst all kinds of adversity:

1. 50 Cent

This famous rapper’s mother was murdered when he was 8 years old. He himself became a drug dealer as a teen and was arrested three times even before turning 20. A turning point in his life was when he was shot 9 times outside his grandmother’s home, but miraculously survived. Now he’s become a legend in the rap game, selling millions of records.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous actor in the Terminator franchise was violently abused as a child and struggled with relentless anxiety. When he moved to America, he knew little to no English. His accent also became a huge struggle for him because no studios would hire him for it. He got his big break after years of hard work at the age of 35. 

3. Harrison Ford

It may not be obvious at first but during his younger years, Harrison was painfully shy. Acting was his way to cope with his social disorder. When he was starting yet he only got tiny parts in some films for the first 10 years of his career. He never stopped believing though, and worked as a part-time carpenter to support his family until his big break at age 35!


4. Mark Wahlberg

Mark’s story is kinda intense – he got addicted to cocaine at the tender age of 13, and dropped out of high school because he got involved in the drug trade. At 16 he already went into jail for felonious assault. He turned his life around though, and tried to become famous as a musician. Shortly after that, he tried his hand at modeling. Both things didn’t work for him, but he persevered until he got his big break into acting.


5. Oprah Winfrey

Who is not familiar of Oprah’s rag-to-riches story? She was so poor as a kid that she made a dress out of potato sacks. When she was 13, she decided to run away from home to escape child abuse. Shortly after, she became pregnant with a stillborn baby. In her late 20’s she almost killed herself and had even prepared a suicide note. Her emotional struggles went on until her 30’s when she gained a lot of weight and abused crack cocaine. Now she’s self-made multibillionaire with a lot of assets in her pocket.


6. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell may judge other people as a living, but you his life story is something that cannot be easily judged. He dropped out of college and kept getting fired from many, many jobs because of his bad attitude. He became so desperately broke and out of a job that he went back to his parents and lived with them for a while. The only job he could take was in the mailroom of his father’s company! Now he’s one of the most potential people in the entertainment world.


7. Sylvester Stallone

This guy was expelled from a total of 14 (FOURTEEN) schools, which led him to drop out of college altogether to pursue his dream of acting. But when started acting, he was rejected in hundreds of audition tries! Unable to get to work, he was evicted from his apartment and slept in a bus station for many, many weeks. He became so desperate he even became involved in porn movies in some capacity. It was as if he was on the verge of ruin, when at 30 years old, he got his first big break with the movie “Rocky”.


8. Tom Hardy

You wouldn’t know from Tom Hardy’s demeanor, but he had a very rough childhood. He was expelled from his school because he was accused of stealing, and started using hallucinogens at 13. Got addicted to cocaine and alcohol at 16. He also almost faced 14 years in prison for joyriding with a hand gun. But perhaps his wake-up call was when he collapsed on the street at 26 and woke up covered in blood and vomit. Now he’s become one of the most adored Hollywood A-listers, starring in blockbuster films and winning awards left and right.



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