15 Snapchats of Dogs Being Adorably Hilarious Will Make Your Day!

Dogs are naturally hilarious. These photos are proof!


One of the reasons we consider dogs to be man’s best friend is that they have so many human-like qualities, whether intentional or not. For example, dogs are inherently funny! Whatever it is that they do, they always look wacky and crazy and hilarious.

And you know what’s the perfect medium for dogs to show their hilarious nature on full display? SNAPCHAT, of course! Here are 15 hilarious snaps of dogs that are so funny that it will make you happy for the rest of the day:

1. Exercise:


2. Dogs and their relationships with gates:


3. These doggos usually don’t get cakes for their birthdays but when they do:


4. When your dog is a state of nirvana:


5. Sometimes dogs break down…


6. Dogs: the ultimate seed growers.


7. Becoming one with the universe…


8. Did you know that dogs did this?


9. Dogs are super badass sometimes:


10. Sleeping soundly:


11. A masterpiece:


12. Dogs and cats could live peaceably…


13. …or not


14. True bliss:


15. Not all dogs were created equal:



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