Here’s The Internet’s The Complete Guide to Self-Care


Taking care of oneself is an often neglected ability in today’s world – a world focused on output, results and productivity. We give out so much of our energy for the work at hand that we tend to forget that our body can only do so much.

If you think you’ve forgotten to take care of your physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being, we’ve got your back. Here is a COMPLETE, DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SELF-CARE that will restore your body, grant you peace of mind, and will make you a better, more productive individual:

Social Self-Care

1. Write a thank you note
2. Check in on social media.
3. Write a letter
4. Suggest a gathering
5. Set up a date
6. Play board games with friends
7. Host a party
8. Call a loved one
9. Take a walk with a friend
10. Take a coffee break

Emotional Self-Care

1. Pack a sweet note in your lunch
2. Say “I love you” in the mirror
3. Try morning pages
4. Call a friend
5. Let yourself feel fully for 90 seconds
6. Ask for positive feedback
7. Write in a journal
8. Create art to express emotion
9. Spend time with a pet
10. Help someone in need

Physical Self-Care

1. Drink a glass of water with lemon
2. Get up and stretch
3. Take a nap
4. Take a walk around the block
5. Try a green smoothie
6. Give yourself a foot massage
7. Play your favorite song and dance
8. Eat a delicious ripe fruit
9. Take three deep breaths
10. Find a reason to laugh

Practical Self-Care

1. Designate a grocery run time weekly
2. Setup a weekly money check in
3. Create a master grocery list
4. Designate a home for everything
5. Embrace systems whenever possible
6. Experiment with freezer meals
7. Learn about budgeting
8. Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning
9. Learn about investing
10. Develop a cleaning schedule

Spiritual Self-Care

1. Meditate for 10 minutes
2. Pray
3. Read inspirational work
4. Volunteer in your community
5. Take a walk in the park
6. Eat lunch outside on the grass
7. Try a guided imagery
8. Do a random act of kindness
9. Try chanting
10. Mindfully observe a flower

Mental Self-Care

1. Play a quick game online
2. Explore a new language with Duolingo
3. Take a screen break for an hour
4. Read an interesting article
5. Spend time in silence
6. Try eating breakfast mindfully
7. Keep a Google Doc of all your ideas
8. Delete old emails you no longer need
9. Enroll in a local class
10. Cross something off your to-do list


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