12 Signs That He Really, Actually Loves You

How do you know that he loves you? Let us count the ways...


Guys can sometimes be very hard to read, especially when they’re in a relationship. They don’t express their feelings that much and so you don’t really know what’s going on inside his head. Sometimes it makes you doubt if he really loves you or just in it for the “perks” of having a girlfriend.

Here are 12 tell-tale signs that will tell you that he really loves you, even if he doesn’t actually say a lot.

1. He randomly strokes your hair, holds your hand, kisses you, just because he can.

2. He doesn’t forget to remember even the little details like that one date you had at the park, or your favorite food to eat if you’re especially down, or your favorite book.


3. He likes to spend time with you whenever he can.


4. He understands that sex is a two-way street and doesn’t just happen for his satisfaction.


5. He understands that sometimes you simply can’t immediately reply to a text or answer a call. He’s not insecure like that.

6. He makes you believe in yourself, and never puts you down.


7. He tries hard to take care of you, especially when you’re lonely, sad or sick.


8. He doesn’t treat you weirdly or differently when he’s with your friends or family.

9. He’s concerned about the goings-on in your life and constantly asks questions about the things going on with you.

10. He’s not embarrassed to express his feelings publicly.

11. He’s the one who’ll make you level-headed when you’re angry; he tries to calm you down in trying times.

12. He listens intently to everything that you say.

(H/T: lifebuzz.com)


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