9 Incredibly Clear Steps To Have A Happier Outlook In Life


The quest for true happiness is someone that every human being goes through. And it’s not quite a simple process and covers every single aspect of our lives. What most people don’t realize though is how much of this quest is purely mental. Happiness is a state of mind, they say. Therefore, to achieve happiness, it’s essential to achieve a more positive outlook in life first. Here are 9 steps to achieve such an outlook.

1. Change your thoughts. 

Be aware of what you’re thinking. Always strive to think of positive thoughts and ideas, and meditate if you can to clear your mind off of negative energy.

2. Always strive to look for the good in the bad. 

We all go through tough times. Instead of dwelling on them, we need to turn these harsh experiences into learning opportunities. If you believe in an idea, don’t give up on it just because you found roadblocks on the way.

3. Cultivate a spirit of optimism in you. 

Researchers have discovered that we have a “baseline” level of happiness that we revert back to after moments of highs and lows. Cultivate a baseline level that is closer to being happy than to being sad.

4. Be grateful. 

And don’t just think of being grateful. Actively be grateful for the gifts that life has given you. Studies have shown that being grateful reduces anxiety and depression and helps you become more positive.

5. Determine your core values. 

What do you really stand for? What attitudes and behaviors matter to you? Do you value commitment to excellence? Or being dedicated to family? Whatever it is, determine the characteristics that matter to you the most and stand by them.

6. Visualize your “best possible self”. 

It’s always good to have dreams, to have visions of what you ultimately want to become. After all, all of life is about achieving our true potential. Of course, don’t stop with just visualizing. Actively pursue your vision by doing steps towards achieving it.

7. Be compassionate with yourself. 

Essentially, don’t be too hard on yourself. Let your body take a break every once in a while. Accept some defeats wholeheartedly. Be at peace with yourself.

8. Heal traumas that occurred to you in the past. 

If you’re constantly depressed or upset, there may be some underlying issue that you need to resolve in yourself. If you are able to, try contacting a licensed counselor to introduce you to several methods that can help you cope with childhood trauma.

9. Remember to call the hotline. 

If worst comes to worst, don’t forget that it’s not the end of everything. Contact your local emergency hotline because they’ll surely be able to offer you assistance.

(H/T: Wikihow.com)

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